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I can deliver bespoke website solutions tailored to meet the needs of small businesses, charities, artists and designers. I work closely with my clients to ensure the website matches their needs and vision and train them to manage the content themselves.

Examples include -
Cycling Club Hackney - sports club

Paul de Monchaux - artist

Stop Falls Network - charity site

Ruth de Monchaux - printmakers showcase

Urbanbird - designers showcase and shop

Barbican Arts Group Trust - studio providers and arts group

Martin Davidson - artist's site

Susan Kay - artist's site

Elizabeth de Monchaux - artist's site

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Design for web -
Design for print -
Art education projects and workshops -

I can provide various design solutions for print, from illustrations and publications to presentations and publicity. Products include brochure layout, logo design, letterheads newsletters, posters and cards.

In addition I specialize in image manipulation for mock-up purposes. For more information on these services and to see examples please contact here.

bus stop poster- copyright neil irons
Bus stop poster for Sure Start children's project

For twenty years I have worked in art education and community art delivering classes, projects and workshops. I have worked with all age ranges from the very young to the elderly and with groups with the full range of abilities.

I believe art is for all and that it should stimulate through participation as well as contemplation. I am always interested in setting up and leading new projects, contact here for more information.

School art workshop
Sculpture workshop at a secondary school.

I have been short-listed for and carried out a wide variety of public art commissions from freestanding sculptures and street furniture to wall based artworks and murals.

Many of the projects I have undertaken involved community participation, either through consultation, educational workshops or direct involvement in completing the artwork. In addition to this I have acted as a consultant on public arts policies for regeneration projects and have also worked collaboratively with other artists.

My willingness to work with a wide range of mediums and techniques ensures that I tackle each project with an open mind as to what will achieve the best results, whether this means a singular approach or combination of media. To date I have employed a wide variety of materials including steel, cast iron, lighting and ceramics.

I am interested in the way that artworks can function in and interact with the environment and landscape, creating a sense of identity and enhancing the users experience of an area. I believe public art should be innovative, challenging and enjoyable for the viewer.

For more information and to see previous examples please contact here.

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